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How to Have a Successful Restaurant PR Campaign

1. Be creative

Creativity is key. Thinking outside the box when it comes to menus, events and overall brand will get journalists excited to experience and write about your restaurant. Whether it’s an entire cheeseburger in your Bloody Mary, a pop up dinner with a group of beloved guest chefs or a spunky tag line, make sure your restaurant stands out from the others.

2. Keep it fresh

New is always newsworthy. Creating holiday specific specials or introducing new menu items are both sure ways to keep your restaurant in the headlines. Programming and events such as a wine pairing night or themed dinners are also great ways to stay top of mind for foodies and journalists.

3. Provide photos

Now that you’ve piqued the interest of journalists with your creative menu and engaging programming it’s time to show off your work in photos. To create attention-grabbing editorial, media almost always need photos to complement their article. Providing your PR team with professional shots of each menu item will help them secure coverage and create more buzz for your restaurant.

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